The Attractive Lifestyle

The following is my attractive Lifestyle series in one single post for ease of reading. Enjoy! Hopefully I’ll post more here in the future.


Living on a very small island it can often be hard to calibrate to such a small environment. But after living here for some time I believe the key is an attractive lifestyle. When I came back home I had very low social value. I’d burned a lot of bridges and was some what of a social outcast. To change that I’ve been working on reinventing myself and my image.

I’ve made A LOT of mistakes. There is no perfect image and your image should reflect your best traits. Be your best self.

So I’ve decided to write a series of entries I call the “Attractive Lifestyle Series”. I want to address things I think will make your life more attractive and things that have made my life more attractive.



Everyone has their own opinion in this area and this is mine. Take it or leave it.

Find what you enjoy. For instance, Surfing. (activity related dress is best)
Next look at how (surfers) dress and the brands they wear. Quicksilver and Billabong are two examples.
When you see someone wearing something you like break down their outfit. Look at the color scheme and then items you like in the outfit so you can possibly purchase them yourself or some variant.
Basically dress to mirror your interests.

Some Clothing tips from personal Experience
1. Don’t buy Big.
I’ve made this mistake more times than I care to admit. Common mistakes are the shoulders are too wide. Don’t let the seam fall over your shoulder unless you plan on growing larger shoulders and still you don’t want a shirt too big.

Another mistake is the shirt is too fat. You want the bottom of your shirt falling just below your hips depending on how long you like your shirts. Also make sure the shirt isn’t too baggy. You want something form-fitting but gives you room to grow muscle.

Pants. If you have a healthy and strong form accent it with some form-fitting jeans or pants. Not tight pants just something that makes you look tall. And this mistake I’ve made a lot; don’t shop when your hungry or just after you’ve had a big meal. You’ll either bloat or find yourself thinner then when your full.

Next is shoes. Shoes Are extremely subjective. For this one find someone who has the look you like and see what their wearing. Also women are great in the area of shoes so bring a gal friend along perhaps. And don’t be afraid to look trendy or as some losers will probably say “gay”.

Watches, jewelry are always nice depending on what you’re going for. Again something very subjective to the look your going for. I personally like to have a simple bracelet or something on to just give a little more vibrance.

Also if you’re trying to go for a new look or wardrobe make the change slowly. Don’t go from tracksuits to dress suits in one day.

Also PUAs are perfect examples how if you have confidence you can wear just about anything so be confident in what you wear. But I’m NOT telling you to start dressing like Mystery. God no.

I’m also including some links to sites I find useful for men’s fashion (all links open in a new window):
The Style Blogger

Kino Wear

Men Style Power



find something you enjoy doing. The more active it is the more attractive it will be typically.
Some examples of activities Woman find attractive: guitar, salsa, and surfing. Focus your energy on what’s either attractive and what you enjoy.

Be active. Have something you that shows you aren’t just sitting around all day playing Videogames or smoking pot. Video games, world of Warcraft don’t make for good activities.

Taking Salsa class was one of the best decisions I made. It has me out meeting people and being active. And what girl doesn’t like a guy who can dance?

It definitely helps if you find an activity that is attractive or is something you can bring a girl along to. Better yet activities like salsa and yoga you’re sure to be around a lot of woman where you can enjoy female competition, inspire jealousy and have plenty of options.

That’s all I have for now in this series but maybe another topic in attractive lifestyle building and I’ll be sure to post.


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