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A Surprise Appearance

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Alpha, Beta, Game, Personal Experience
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I was on my way to the first night of a class I signed up for and I come up the steps and who should be there… One of my past fucks.
Inside my head I’m saying, “Oh fuck. This is gonna be so goddamn awkward. Ughhhh.”
It was one of those moments when I realized why you never intentionally dick-over a girl you’ve fucked. Because if you live in a small country, you are going to see her again.

I was completely off my zen. I knew she took classes but it never clicked she would be in mine. And who was I pared with for the night? You guessed it, her. I hadn’t seen her since an awkward parting.

“Cause I just seem my ex girl standing with my next girl standing with the one that I’m fucking right now” – Drake

Now a few weeks later everything is cool. I keep my frame loose and aloof and she’s usually entertained by the beta dude in the class. Hell the guy number closed her.

The best part was when the teacher asked if we were a couple. After one class I tried asking her to join me for a drink which didn’t work out. But I have it on good information if I keep at it she’ll “open up” again. I’m not spitting good game on a regular so I feel I should get off my fat lazy ass and put a little work in.

Haha I feel bad for the class beta. The aloof indifferent guy is about to swoop in and remind him why nice guys finish last.

In the last class I was paired with this one girl who I knew I should be spitting game to. I didn’t really but I mixed things up a bit so we were closer and more touching was involved in what we were doing. Her eyes said yes… But my mind said no. Sigh* gonna have to make up for it next time with a number close.

Gaming two girls in the same class…Post class drinks at the bar?… I think so. I’m gonna have to play this like a Jedi.



I was feeling grouchy and upset about a situation with a girl which wasn’t going how I’d hoped. I’ve invested a significant amount of time on her and I’m ready for my pay off. So for the first time in over a month I had a BBM(blackberry messenger) status.

It was, super beta but I felt like my long commitment to Alphadom deserved a break. I deserved my turn to complain and moan about my sad situation.

But no beta deed goes unpunished. Within seconds, and I mean seconds I got a message from a girl I had once tried making something with. She’s a classic attention whore who won’t let you get away with anything Beta. Bring out your arsenal of negs because you’re gonna have to unload the whole clip.

All she said was: “That is the gayest status ever.” Ok, so she was right. But I was feeling pretty shitty and I was just starting my turn on the Beta-merry-go-round. I hadn’t even had time to enjoy it! So in classic beta fashion I erased my status and used it as a good excuse to delete her.

Looking back, both acts were something an Alpha would never even think of. The beta status was a revisit to my hyperactive status updating days. Deleting her was me being a bitch cause I couldn’t take the heat.

Being Alpha isn’t something I can put on in the morning and take off at night. It Must become you. It’s not a change in who you are, just drastic change in presentation. So like I said in the title, not beta act goes unpunished. Don’t make the same mistake I did.