Welcome Back to the Heat

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Alpha, Game

I’m back in the game. I did what I had to and ended my cold streak. I didn’t want to post anything till I got laid.


A friend told me I seem more chilled and relaxed today. Awesome. I don’t need to go into the details but I was out with some friends enjoying the night and I knew this “old friend” was back in town so got talking. Her friend kept asking if I was still cool with her since last time we hooked up (several months ago) and I said I’m cool and I have no problem with her.

I’d been out with my friend and she wasn’t far away so I bid my friend farewell and went to check on this lady friend. I showed up, drank free drinks and chilled. I wasn’t on the drunk level half the club was on so I just did my thing. Fuck it.
We left the club and I did the deed. Mission Accomplished.


Now time to build some heat.


You’ve Been Warned.





Cold Streak

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Game, Personal Experience

I absolutely have to get out of this cold streak. It’s fucking killing me.


This is definitely Karma having it’s revenge for the way I treated the last girl I fucked. Ugh. “Universe, I have learned my lesson! Now help me get laid!”… A simple request I think. The other problem with this cold streak is I don’t have a lot to write about. I’ve watched my reader numbers drop knowing it’s my fault.

So, drastic times call for drastic measures. First step is taking all the articles I’ve flagged from various other game bloggers and compile it into a personal game guide. Things to remember, gambits, questions and other little bits I need to remember. I’m also trying to convince myself to lower my standards. I don’t like the idea but I’m thinking of going back to some of my hood-rats till the situation improves. Pussy is pussy.

Summer is here… This cold streak ends here.

The other day I went down to see my friend Scuba at his job. He works with a lot of tourist and it’s one of those places where fresh pussy flows in and out on a regular.

While I was waiting for him to finish work an untanned greasy fatty wattled into the shop and was asking a few questions. The kind of questions Scuba’s sun fried brain is perfect for. What shocked me is how this fat sea cow tried flirting!

I felt like turning and saying “bitch please, there aren’t any pitty fucks going on here!”

The summer is here and that means the fat cubicle farm animals of North America have been set free and have beached themselves on my beautiful island for their vacations. Bermudian woman maybe over valued but at least the fatties know their place.




This week’s Best Red Flag

Her: “You see that suitcase on my floor?”
Me: “Yessss.”
Her: “My parents were going to send me to rehab…”
Me: “Oh.” [EJECT! EJECT!]
Me: “I think I going to go now…”

And If you haven’t seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean here’s another good reason; My latest obsession…

Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Being Your Best Self

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Alpha, Game, Teaching

Do you remember when you first started learning about game? Those first baby steps when all of your conversations were driven primarily by Pick-Up routines and the little gambits you’d learned. You could pick girls up but you’d probably have lacked the interesting lifestyle. As you talk to more woman you probably grew tired of an entire conversation made up of routines. Her responses would be pretty predictable and whats the fun in that? Eventually your game will evolve to the next level.

The first aspect is social dynamics. You’ll practice using less gambits, routines and start creating personal material. Instead of using a canned display-of-higher-value you’ll use a real one telling a woman about your 8 weeks backpacking through Europe. I when I first started using my personal material I noticed a slowdown in how fast I was escalating things. Personalized material is a big step forward but because it’s personal you’re going to have to test what works and what doesn’t work. After a few months you’ll start to notice a nice flow between your material and the “canned” material you still use once and awhile.

The other aspect is the realization that developing an interesting lifestyle is the best way to pick up chicks. You may be able to bed a girl from the club or even after a few dates. But when you bring her into your world and you have no life it’s going to be boring and hard to keep an Alpha frame of mind.

So when you start building an attractive lifestyle you’ll appeal to a demographic of woman. If you like music get in a band, start playing in public. You don’t have to be a rockstar to have groupies. Anything to boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable in what you enjoy is worth it. Notice how gambits and routines are based on interesting skill sets. Two examples being a magician, or a palm reading.

I’m trying out a few different things just to see what I enjoy. I already Salsa dance on a regular and I want to try one team sport, a form of martial arts, and something form of meditation. If woman or anyone asks what you do and you say “I Salsa dance, do Yoga, play on a volleyball team, weight train and kickbox.” She’s gonna be impresses or at least interested. She may even be able to find something in common or she’s thinking about trying one of those.

If you want to be interesting, do interesting things. It helps if what you choose has a lot of woman or broadens your social circle. A wide range of activities keeps you active, fit, and strong. For me it’s especially good because it will help cut back on my time drinking and smoking. Few woman will be wildly impressed with your awesome drinking skills or how well you can blow a smoke ring.

As a reminder… You don’t have to be the strongest guy in the room; If you can break the strongest-guy’s arm in three places you win. You may not be the best armbreaker in the room but if you have better zen you don’t need to beat him. You may not be the strongest, the best fighter or the most zen but if you have game you can beat them all.

If you aren’t going out and practicing pickup Create attraction through other ways. Build yourself into the best possible version of yourself

“Build it and they will cum.”

First things first; I’m not dead. I’ve just been very irresponsible.
“Often in life when we start getting good at something we stop it. Which is freaking insane!” – K

Thats what I was told when K and I were talking about the blog (Breaking Beta). “Dude you have a talent and your good at it. Don’t stop.” So here I am back publishing my thoughts and stories but I should fill you guys in on what’s been going on.

Not a lot has been happening in life to do with game. I’m just enjoying spending time with my friends and hoping some girl will throw herself at me. Guess what… it hasn’t happened yet. The problem is I don’t feel I have enough material to write about as well. Well this weekend I had two good game runs.

Geez, I haven’t been this plastered in a long time. Goddamned waitress knows how to work me. And my friends aren’t helping either. Some how through my drunken state I manage to keep good awareness of my surroundings. I was talking to a gal friend and she turned to talk to someone else, I noticed she had a friend with her who was standing in the corning talking to nobody. Having picked up my copy of Roosh V’s “Bang” lately I decided to try one of his two basic club openers. Sprinkled with a little sarcasm I open her with “You look like your having the most fun of everyone here!” A little smirk on my face and a smile on hers equals game on. Dropped a few disqualifies, DHV spikes, and even gave her a nickname. Basic stuff but things were looking good. Suddenly a crusty old Limey dude in a Hawaiian shirt tries talking to her noticing my good luck. Thats one thing I hate, guys who don’t have enough balls to open so when they see how friendly she is to you they think it’s an open party. Fuck off!

But what could have destroyed and discouraged a rookie I used to my advantage. “Wow that guy looks totally your type. And his style is awesome.” Disqualify/AMOG him and things are back in my court. But the bugger doesn’t give up easily I’ll give him that. So when she leaves for the bathroom I make a bet with my gal friend (who’s also her friend) that the creepy old dude with try hitting on her again. “Deal. Winner gets a free drink.” A few minutes later the cutie comes back out with that look on my face that said it all. Free drink for me! It showed I know how men work and gives me a chance to get together with the girls again. She apparently has a boyfriend which is why I didn’t go for the number close. Gotta take things slow.

A  guy friend of mine comes over asking for a wing in the back room. My game is on fire tonight so I’m totally down. I find myself in the back room with my friend and two older woman. Not ugly by any length, but just not young either. My friend places a complicated game by saying I’m the most boring person he knows and bla bla bla but by doing so he sparks the girl’s interest. I didn’t believe it could be true but his strategy worked well, if not a bit annoying at first. What makes this game running session so difficult is that this woman is married, and has two kids, and her husband is away. Now she’s good-looking, I would definitely have taken her home but a family makes things a bit more difficult. In my drunk state I’m sure I would have gone home with her if she had invited. But this brings a new aspect to things. I’ve never been presented with an opportunity to sleep with a married woman. It felt very appealing, and I wanted to try it. But after sobering up the next day I’m glad I didn’t. Too bad she wasn’t single or else I would run a lot more direct game.

So stick with me guys… Things are about to get exciting. I’m also going to try using Twitter more often so if you’re interested head over and subscribe. http://twitter.com/#!/BreakingBeta