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This week’s Best Red Flag

Her: “You see that suitcase on my floor?”
Me: “Yessss.”
Her: “My parents were going to send me to rehab…”
Me: “Oh.” [EJECT! EJECT!]
Me: “I think I going to go now…”

And If you haven’t seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean here’s another good reason; My latest obsession…

Astrid Berges-Frisbey



Posted: December 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’m back.

I knew the first step to getting back into writing would be to get back into game. I kinda got out of game for awhile because I was enjoying drinking and other things a bit too much. So now on to story about an approach I did yesterday…

When you haven’t cold approached in a long time its the hardest thing in the world. Even harder is when you trying do it during the day. I know this girl through a class and one day I decided I want to talk to her…. Even though we only had 3 weeks left of classes.

So I did it and it went well for just a short interaction. I knew where she worked and yesterday while I was in the city I saw her from outside the shop. I would like to say I triumphantly walked in the store with no approach anxiety and scored big time but I didn’t…

Instead it took me a few minutes to find my balls. I remember telling myself “How bad do you want it?” has being the question I posed to myself that made the difference.
Me: “I want it bad.”
Myself: “You know what you gotta do. So do it!”
I don’t know what its like for everyone else but when I approach it’s literally like I’m defying some female fear force.
Long strides, chin up, shoulders back, eye contact, don’t peck, and speak up. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it. This isn’t the strongest story to bring back Breaking Beta with. Something is better then nothing and you gotta start somewhere!

I meet her this so wish me luck!

Black Dress and High Heels

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

We all know her
She is the woman who eats men… for breakfast.
Her beta Radar is a finely tuned machined.
She’s  tall, skinny,and  fair.
She wears  the form fitting black dress perfectly accenting each curve.
A dress marking her to the Alpha male as a woman not to be underestimated
Her heels are an outward metaphor.
She is the woman all men want and only the alpha have.

She is the woman I aspire to.


Off The Grid

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

To my reader I’m sorry I’ve been off the grid a bit but I’m kinda walking out of dream.

My friends parents have been gone for the past 10 days and we’ve been sitting around smoking, drinking far too much, playing videogames, and watching movies.

Over the next period of time I’m going to write some new thoughts and Ideas I’ve had lately but since starting school its hard to find the free time.

I’m also finding my social value is increasing and this is making it easier get together with prospects. But don’t worry I’ve got a great flop fail story for all of you which will be coming later this week.

In other news I found a wingman. Tonight I was talking with him and we’re bouncing around the idea of taking a game trip over to the US or Canada.

So expect some new material from me soon.

Don’t Hate, Appreciate

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last week I made friends with a guy and we’ve become fast friends.

Now this guy is a natural at game and also happens to be a master. He’s my age and had sexual relations with over ten girls I’ve tried/failed with.

When I about 15 I had this MAD crush on this girl and she was gonne be my wife (I wish). She’s about 3 years older then me and was always the perfect girl. She’s even still a virgin (YES!) but then I found out my friend finger banged her and told me at great lengths why she didn’t have the best fruit salad. A part of my dreams just died.

But what I didn’t realize is how much I can learn. This guy is a champ! His game is a natural but if I’m sure I’m gonna learn something.

Epic Beta Fails

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Beta, Learn From, Uncategorized

In movies, books and stories the central character and great fighter always seems to have time in the “Valley”. A time when he’s doing more losing then he is winning. But after so much losing he is fueled with fiery vengeance. The desire for victory gnaws at his chest like a caged animal.

He trains hard, long and with more passion. He will, like Phoenix rise from the ashes. He will come out like a raging bull. Greater then he was before.


Right now I am filled with the fuel to rise again. I have just gotten into game, working out, and making friends.
I’ve been working out about 2 months now. I still look pretty much the same, flat. But I can lift heavier and for longer. But when I tell people I’m training they look me down and almost mentally ask “He’s been training??”

Last night I was partying in the most exclusive neighborhood in my country. We had to keep the music down so we didn’t disturb one of the 5 richest men in America. I decided it would be a great thing to invite a girl to. Plenty of places to sneak of the opportunity presented its self.

Girl #1, we had drinks set up for the evening. So I text her and asked if we are still on. She said yes but she gave me a later time. I told her we were having a party and she should come with me. She had dinner plans and drink plans with her gal friends the same time she told me.

Quick story detour. When I was VERY first learning about game I asked this girl I liked out for drinks and she said her friends were gonna be joining and so I asked K to wing me, he did. But it was more an important lesson in getting together with a girl and her friends. If her friends are with her its going to be nearly impossible to isolate her.

Back to the story at hand. This is when I blew it. I made it too easy for her. I knew exactly what I was doing but my AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) side kept telling me “She wants to hang out with you. You just gotta find something that works for both of you.”
My inner PUA told me “Move on and let her go.”
She was leaving Tuesday and it was Saturday so I caved to my AFC. I said we could do pre dinner drinks. I later tried again to invite her up to the house. But the worst was when I was drinking home. Before I got on my bike I told her I was on my way back toward town and if she’s still there lets get a farewell drink. She was in bed already so I suggest her getting on some pants, a shirt, and shoes and we’ll go for an adventure (at 1:30 am). I doubt I’ve been so AFC in a long time.

Girl #2. Lets just say I hear she’s “Not hard.” So easily get her number and early when girl #1 says she isn’t going to be able to make it I give girl #2 a call and invite her. She agrees and I’m feeling pretty Alpha at this point. All is going swell when she calls me for directions. After 2 minutes of us both trying work out directions she realizes she called the wrong guy and is actually trying to get to another guy’s bbq before coming over to see me. She says she got the numbers mixed up.
I think it must have been a full moon because my AFC side was in complete control.
I text her about 45 minutes later to see if she was still coming. I should have dropped when I still had my dignity. Even after she confused me for another guy I still wanted to see if she was coming over. What the hell is wrong with me!

But if you think is the end we have one more great story.
I met this guy who kinda hung out / clang to me all day. He free loaded on food, beer and just about everything. We were talking and in passing i mentioned the name of the girl I had been “satisfying”. I guess I’m not as satisfying as I thought. This girl had been taking us both for a ride. And even though we’re weiner cousins I can at least say I at least had her well trained.

I ever situation you have to find the bright side of things.
The bright side of this is that its all happening before these girls go away to school. So either they’re forget about it in the business of university or it wil be imprinted on their mind as one of the last things in summer of 2010. I’m hoping for the first.

I feel like a beat down fighter. Everything has been taken. Most of my friends are leaving/left. I’m still flat chested, and I’m still totally AFC beta boy. Not to mention it all makes sense why this girl never text me back when I needed servicing.

But this is it. This is my chance to be the comeback kid. The Rocky Balboa. This is my chance to be Demond Dantes and turn myself into The Count of Monte Cristo. This winter is my chance.
I’m obviously going to have to be foremost focused on my studies. But when I’m not studying I’ll be training and when I’m doing those two I plan on constructing an attractive life.
The problem with living on an isolated island with a small population is that you can’t game too much. Plus you’ll find yourself gaming the same woman and that just looks AFC. So a solution to this problem while a lot of people are away is to create a life style.

Do things and have friends that people are attracted to. So for instance. I really want to learn how to sail, kiteboarding, surf and salsa. Its my goal to at least try all of these and find which I like. Maybe I’ll like all of them, who knows. The point is they’re fun, attractive, and something to do. The desperate guys are bored.
Hopefully all my working out will pay off soon.
And this will give me time to make game more natural in my behavior and less canned.

This may be a quiet time, less epic flops. But just you wait; I’m going to come back a raging bull, a Cinderella Man. So all the haters, just keep hatin.”

Sarging Bermuda

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

The PUA / game scene in Bermuda is none existent (As far as I can tell).

If your interested in Sarging drop me a comment or message.