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If anyone ever told you it would be easy, they lied…

A few weeks ago I to signed up for a volleyball tournament. I thought, “what the hell right. It’s just for fun.” so I signed up as an individual and would be set on a team with other individuals.

I should have known it was gonna be a rough day when Lady Gaga is playing at 9am. One of the risks signing up as an individual is when your put on a team with people who practice with the national team and people in the most competitive league(I’m in the least competitive).

To put it simply, I sucked. When I wasn’t serving the ball way into the next court I was usually missing my shots. My team won only one game through the tournament.

On my Volleyball team I play with on a regular I’m the worst guy player. The first week I wasn’t too bad, now a bunch of new guys joined and I’m back to the bottom.

If you took me from pre-Christmas I would have probably left that tournament and my team feeling super shitty and probably never played again. “Fuck this stupid game. I suck and was probably the worst player out there. Peace out!”

Not now. After starting Salsa dancing I learned something very important. “it’s gonna suck a long time. You have to push through the sucky part to get to the good part. “Most people quit right when things get hard and right before things get good.”
That’s what I was told before I started. And by the time I reached the end of my second set of classes I was the only student left in the class. Now I’m in a new class and I’m back to being the worst student in the place.

“90% of being good at anything is just showing up.” some are gifted but some nothing is special about them they’ve just worked harder then everyone else and stuck with it when everyone else didn’t.

What most people don’t realize is how important the mental shift is. I’m not really bothered by most people, or how they have big plans. I know 95% of people are too lazy or aren’t committed enough to follow through. Most are gonna quit and drop out.

I have friends who have great ideas that could be quite powerful and make them really happy in life. But unless they make big chances they’ll never go anywhere with those ideas. what a loss.

This change in thought also changes Game. Win, lose or fail what counts is you showed up and tried. Don’t make doing or trying something contingent on the outcome. If you want to do something just do it. It doesn’t matter what happens after that because you tried.

I may suck at getting chicks. I’ve have been stood up and flaked on by the last 15 girls I’ve asked out. But I can’t quit now. Roosh says it takes about 4 years of sucking at something and about 8 to 10 years before your good at something. I’m at the bottom of my sports team, my salsa class, and still the smallest guy at the gym. Think I’m gonna quit?… FUCK NO! I’m in it till it’s over.

Alpha Ethos: “The Beta male is governed by his circumstances and outcome. Win,lose, fail or succeed the Alpha Male doesn’t let outcome change who he or what he wants.”

Being Your Best Self

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Alpha, Game, Teaching

Do you remember when you first started learning about game? Those first baby steps when all of your conversations were driven primarily by Pick-Up routines and the little gambits you’d learned. You could pick girls up but you’d probably have lacked the interesting lifestyle. As you talk to more woman you probably grew tired of an entire conversation made up of routines. Her responses would be pretty predictable and whats the fun in that? Eventually your game will evolve to the next level.

The first aspect is social dynamics. You’ll practice using less gambits, routines and start creating personal material. Instead of using a canned display-of-higher-value you’ll use a real one telling a woman about your 8 weeks backpacking through Europe. I when I first started using my personal material I noticed a slowdown in how fast I was escalating things. Personalized material is a big step forward but because it’s personal you’re going to have to test what works and what doesn’t work. After a few months you’ll start to notice a nice flow between your material and the “canned” material you still use once and awhile.

The other aspect is the realization that developing an interesting lifestyle is the best way to pick up chicks. You may be able to bed a girl from the club or even after a few dates. But when you bring her into your world and you have no life it’s going to be boring and hard to keep an Alpha frame of mind.

So when you start building an attractive lifestyle you’ll appeal to a demographic of woman. If you like music get in a band, start playing in public. You don’t have to be a rockstar to have groupies. Anything to boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable in what you enjoy is worth it. Notice how gambits and routines are based on interesting skill sets. Two examples being a magician, or a palm reading.

I’m trying out a few different things just to see what I enjoy. I already Salsa dance on a regular and I want to try one team sport, a form of martial arts, and something form of meditation. If woman or anyone asks what you do and you say “I Salsa dance, do Yoga, play on a volleyball team, weight train and kickbox.” She’s gonna be impresses or at least interested. She may even be able to find something in common or she’s thinking about trying one of those.

If you want to be interesting, do interesting things. It helps if what you choose has a lot of woman or broadens your social circle. A wide range of activities keeps you active, fit, and strong. For me it’s especially good because it will help cut back on my time drinking and smoking. Few woman will be wildly impressed with your awesome drinking skills or how well you can blow a smoke ring.

As a reminder… You don’t have to be the strongest guy in the room; If you can break the strongest-guy’s arm in three places you win. You may not be the best armbreaker in the room but if you have better zen you don’t need to beat him. You may not be the strongest, the best fighter or the most zen but if you have game you can beat them all.

If you aren’t going out and practicing pickup Create attraction through other ways. Build yourself into the best possible version of yourself

“Build it and they will cum.”

Another Film Example of Game

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Alpha, Game, Teaching
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After visiting Barcelona a few years back I decided to watch Woody Allan’s Vicky Christina Barcelona. This one scene is a perfect example of an interesting and magnetic man. This is what you should want to be. Perfectly composed, honest and unashamed.

Watch and learn

We’ll all seen a perfect 10 and you desperately want to approach but either you’re too afraid or you’re convinced your game isn’t good enough. But what if your wrong, what if she never gets approached and desperate wants to be approached.

Doing the unrealistic is easier than doing the realistic,Tim Ferris, The 4-Hour Workweek

I was reminded of this when I was having coffee with K. Transposing what Tim Ferris on to game you get The Perfect 10 Paradox. And its so true. Most guys don’t think they can pull the 9 or 10 so they go for the 6 and 7s.

It’s lonely at the top. Ninety-nine percent of people in the world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for mediocre. The level of competition is thus fiercest for ‘realistic’ goals, paradoxically making them the most time- and energy-consuming… The fishing is best where the fewest go, and the collective insecurity of the world makes it easy for people to hit home runs while everyone else is aiming for base hits. There is just less competition for bigger goals.” – Tim Ferris

Most guys don’t believe they deserve the best. So instead they’ll go for second best. An example would be a group of girls where one stands out from the rest. All of them are pretty and dressed well but one stands out from the others. I’ve been in a large group of friends and some of the girls will get approached then I’ll hear the prettiest one complain no guys will talk to her.

I even witness this paradox on facebook. Take for instance that kinda slutty, bigger girl with a cute/jizz on face, about a 6 or 7. On her pictures you have like 6 different guys commenting giving her way too much attention. Adversely the perfect 10 only has comments from her gal pals telling her how beautiful she looks. The 6 gets gamed way more than the perfect 10 girl. The 10 still gets gamed but not half as much as the 7.

Girls don’t dress up all sexy for no reason. They want you to notice. Most betas are scared shitless to approach her and if you can spit decent game then you’re already ahead of the competition. She’ll definitely shit test you but you’ll blow right through it.

So finally approach that girl who is out of your league. The whole league system is a myth anyway; start acting like it! We’ve all heard the beautiful girl complain how she never gets approach. Today my friend, you are going to approach her.

You deserve the best. Act like it.

Things are looking better already! Almost a week now since K told me to quit being a puss and I’m already finding myself in a better situation.

Today I read in an article by The Real Assanova how he’s basically fed up with picking up woman in night clubs. Amen. In the next post he writes how night clubs are beating down men and turning them into men with no confidence. Why? Basically put, high competition, woman feel entitled, and woman focus on the superficial. Once out of the night club your world will blossom and full of opportunity; as I’m finding.

I’ve been operating recently as you guys know in a holding pattern for Lucia who I mentioned in a post not to long ago. She wants to be pursued and I’m still trying to find the balance between pursing in interest and not being needy. Because as much as I would like to cut my losses and go, I do like her.

Don’t get me wrong boys, just because I like her doesn’t mean I’m gonna keep in the hold pattern. No more! I’m hedging my bets. I’m not going to cut her out of my life but I’m going to turn my focus else where.

At salsa class I realized how good I have it. I’m literally in an environment where woman are complimenting me, asking why I didn’t come out to see them and are looking to me for visual queues. Bye bye night clubs!

Seizing an opportunity I finally asked how one of the girls from my class. I asked to come with me to one of the salsa social nights. I figure it’s a no lose situation. If she comes awesome! We’ll have a good time, dance some salsa and get to know each other. If she doesn’t come no problem it’s just another night I’m forced to get out on the dance floor and practice my social dancing. And I get to meet other girls doing it.

One problem. I forgot her name. I’ve been in a class for weeks now with her and be both are too afraid to ask each others names. Bad, I know. But because I’m an Alpha man I’m going to admit my mistake in forgetting her name and move on. Maybe you’re wondering how there could be a connection between two people who forgot each others names. Well when she’s always looking over at you, smiling whenever you make eye contact, and we dance well together… I’m gonna go ahead and see where this thing goes!

So go! Get outta the night club and find your niche. It’s one of single best game chancing experiences I’ve made to date!

Asshole’s finish first.

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Alpha, Game, Learn From, Musings, Teaching

Yeah it sucks sometimes but its true. Just look at Tucker Max.

I write this now because of three events.

Assanova sums it up perfectly “Being nice, at least in the long run, just doesn’t work with women. As Roissy and Ferdinand would say, women get the men that they deserve. Cue the Darth Vader sound effects.”
Cue the Darth Vader sound effects. (gotta love that)

I also witnessed it when I was out with K. He told me I could* have a shot with this girl but only if I step up my asshole game. I feel like a sub in the Super Bowl who the coach just put into the game but before I could run out onto the field the coach told me “Don’t fuck this up.” Well I’m gonna try not to!

Today a friend of mine wrote on facebook “Fuck love I’m tired of trying.” Now I’m not gonna talk about how beta of a status that is but when he wrote that I shot him a text…
Him: “Girls are so fucking predictable dude.”
BB: “Wanna help me out?”
Him: “Act like they don’t matter.”
Well said my friend! “Act” is the key word. His status may have been beta but he knows how to keep this girl coming back.


So there you go! Be a likable asshole and act* like you don’t care.