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First things first, any rookie who writes a game blog I give props to. Posting your failures and triumphs on display to the world and risking your personal identity. I applaud you.

But there are trends I notice with rookies, betas, and beginner blogs compared to Alpha blogs. Now when I say rookie blogs I’m including myself.

We’re obsessed with running perfect game. I read other beginner blogs and  seems like we’re obsessed with quick acceleration and not natural flow. A healthy pace is good but if your moving too fast you’ll soon find yourself shut down. What I mean is that we’ve been taught in game to move things quickly and go for the bang as soon as possible but I’m noticing that a lot of the other rookie bloggers are getting shut down by girls. I believe it’s because we’re not calibrating to the situation. If a girl who’s interested in you shuts you down it’s probably because you didn’t lay enough ground work. You moved so quickly that it felt unnatural.

Another thing about natural flow is it feels more natural and it easier to integrate into your life. If one day you’re a nice guy and two months later you’re a full-blown asshole running hardcore game and going for the kiss close every time things may look s bit odd and unnatural. Make your chances slow and deliberate.

Think about it like a Point system. Positive moves (alpha behavior, DHV spikes and the rest) give you positive points. Beta and negative behavior has your points taken away. When you reach 500 points (or any number you chose) you go for the bang or kiss close. If she turns you down subtract 300 points. It’s a good way of making you constantly calibrate, encouraging natural flow while using your masculine desire to win at competition.

Another thing I notice in a lot of beginner blogs is often a one girl is the focus. We blog about single girl we’ve had interactions with. It’s like we don’t know how to spread ourselves between multiple woman. We put all our eggs into one basket. We may be able to get 5 girls interested but instead of investing equally in all 5, we’ll just go for the one we like best. The problem with this is if things don’t work out your back to square one and you never utilize the competition.

I’m pretty sure Roissy, VK, Tucker Max and Assanova are spread pretty thin with woman. You should be too!

The last problem I notice with my writing and other beginner blogs is something very fundamental. And that is beta writing style. Approval seeking writing, like we’re writing for a grade. Instead of just writing and saying “Fuck it. I don’t care what people think.” We embellish what really happened to please the readers. But I’m realizing my readers don’t want a beta boy coming to them with my latest field report asking for a grade, no. My readers want a man who isn’t afraid of failure and isn’t afraid to say whats on his mind.


The following are blogs I follow and I think you’ll enjoy as well…

Citizen Renegade – He’s a great writer and intellegent arguments beating back the falsehoods of femanism as well as great game advice.

VK’s Empire of Dirt – Another great blogger. His stories are engaging and easy to read. I just wish he posted more often.

The Rookie DC – Like me a guy thats fairly new to game. He’s saved me on a few occations from making similar mistakes.

Roosh V – He wrote Bang which is one of the best game books I’ve read. Not just that but he also has some great travel stories. Some of his advice is more taylored to South American woman.

Seduction Base – The advice is basic and some what out of date. But if your really new to game and want further explination of certain topics without buying several books this is the place.

Freedom Twenty-Five – A blogger I very recently discovered. He’s on about the same level I am and has very similar goals. I also like the Fight Club influence in his blog.

The Blog of Tim Ferriss – Love him or hate him; I enjoy reading his stuff. He doesn’t write on game but instead lifestyle design and other interesting topics.

The Oatmeal – I personally find this site the funniest on the web so I can’t help mentioning it.

Men Style Power – One of two men’s style fashion blogs/websites I’ll recommend.

The Style Blogger – The other of two men’s style fashion blogs I’ll recommend.

If your not sure how to keep up with all the content these guys are putting out I would recommend signing up for Google Reader and start subscribing to the little orange RSS button. I subscribe to all of these sites through Google Reader but for my home computer I like using Net News Wire. Its only for Mac users but I like it and it syncs on my ipod touch as well!

And don’t forget to subscribe to Breaking Beta by either email subscription or RSS. If your not sure how to subscribe leave a comment below!


The other day I was looking at a sick internship to build and manage the social networking platform for a bank in Asia. Because I’m only a blogger and I haven’t integrated other social networking tools I’m skeptical but its convinced me to try and make this blog more social and engaging.

My first step is to learn, create and integrate Twitter into the blog. I’ve never used Twitter so we’ll see how it goes! I’m hoping Ill be able to use it to get more information ideas and humor to my readers. Hope it works!

Wish me the best and you have any other ideas feel free to leave them in the comment section!

Online Game Payout?

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Game, Online Game

I like test running game bits and pieces online. Not many guys here seem to gest the online waters. I think its a great place full of single woman delivered right to your lap. Don’t let that deceive you; online game isn’t easy. Its much harder to grap their attention because so many men are trying.

They say when it rains it pours and today that is true! On Saturday a girl from couchsurfers wrote me to say is visiting my country and would like to get together for coffee. Couchsurfers is great because all you do is post up a profile and if you live in an isolated tropical location like I do you just wait for people to come to you! It’s a beautiful thing when girls hit you up for coffee (they’re gonna pay).

On top of this, on one of my other dating sites a young lady informed me she will be visiting later this year.

I really am looking forward to this just because this gives me a chance to see how well I’ve calibrated my online game with my actual field game. How close are the two? Will the girl tell a difference between who I was online and who I am in person? Will I have been alpha enough online to have her wet when we meet?

If I play this like a champ I could potentially have a girl ready and waiting for me.