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Swaggerific I’m just so swaggerific

I hadn’t brought out all the guns in a while but tonight I was going hard… Not going home. I was swagged out; dressed to kill. A friend of mine was going to introduce to a Playboy Bunny down visiting. If I wanted to try crossing something off my bucket list I would need to be on my A game. I also had one of my best wingmen with me.

That little extra bit of effort made a big difference. I was getting pulled over by random girls for pictures and saying they know me when they really didn’t. Half way through the night I realized something that may have been stunting my pickup game for a while now. I haven’t been focusing on some sort of closing. I realize I probably don’t show enough interest and I don’t number close. Talk about rookie mistake. The worst part is I even opened two different girls. One at the bar and one with the help of a female wing. What was I thinking?!

My friend and i were headed back to the car around 1:30 when he made eye contact with two hood rat looking chicks. He was debating whether he wanted to go back and talk to them. I  knew exactly the kind of reassurance he needed. We went back, he chatted them up and they came with us in the car. Game on.
I remember going to high school with one of them so I was able to keep her busy while my mate ran his game. We went and got some fast food and then went down to the beach to eat it. I don’t understand how girls can be hungry at the burger joint but not hungry when we get to the beach 3 minutes around the corner!

My girl was buried in her phone. Like full crackberry addict. If it would have fit up her nose I think she would have sniffed it. My usual game isn’t well calibrated for the hood rats so hold conversation was strained at best. I took her for a walk around the beach showing her some stuff giving my mate time to work his girl. I had paid for this girl’s 2am kids meal, I was gonna do what ever I could to get some action. I tried twice and she wouldn’t have it. Well if she’s not gonna make out with me I’m gonna eat her cheese burger. Models don’t need cheese burgers anyway… Nom nom nom. Shitty 3am food.

My friend wasn’t making any progress either with his girl so we dropped their asses off. After they got out he turns to me and said “Dude the reason you weren’t getting in was cause your girl was on her period.” UGHHHHHH!

No success but considering these two girls were cold approaches at 2am I think we did pretty good. Too bad the Playboy Bunny never showed up.


You’ve Been Warned.





I checked my inbox the other day with this message in it…
Just saw this movie and immediately thought of you during this scene (no offense). Here is I think the one of the best principles of game distilled into one sentence by Angelina Jolie. …
It’s a youtube video from The Tourist when Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp first meet.

Depp: [Depp smoking a cigarette] I’m sorry.

Jolie: “Thats Some what disappointing”
Depp: [confused look] “Would you rather have me smoking for real?”
J: “I would rather you be a man who did exactly as he pleased”

If you’ve seen the movie/clip you can imagine I had about the same look on my face as Johnny Depp after being told I reminded someone of this scene. But it’s true, Angelina Jolie perfectly summarizes what every aspiring alpha male should do; exactly what he wants. It’s not to be selfish but instead to not be ashamed of who you are and what you do. Whatever you do, do it with confidence.

If your interest I’ve included the link below:


The Weekend Report

After sleeping off St. Patrick’s on Friday I headed out to meet my friends at our favorite bar Saturday night. One of my friends of brought two tourists sisters. One of them was absolutely bangin, a solid 8.5 maybe 9 brunette. Her sister on the other hand was the genetic left overs.

Lately my friends have been introducing me as the dancer. The guy who does Salsa. Chicks love it, “Show us some moves”. It’s been awesome because I never have to open girls any more they’re natural curiosity does all the work for me.

Tonight the 9 was giving me a lot of interest. She had those Megan Fox bedroom eyes and she isn’t afraid to touch you, give you her room number, unbutton your shirt or hold that long sultry gaze. But I’m a good Wingman and I don’t steal what my friends is trying to bang. So I took one for the team and hopped on the grenade, also known as The Other Sister.

On the dance floor I danced with the 9 for a bit but not enough that I would ruin my friends chances, I just needed some real lovin before I made my sacrifice. The Other Sister was easily worked into a sweat and she retreated to the bar not long after. This gave my friend and the 9 some alone time. Later My friend had convinced the 9 to head back with him but The Other Sister was so convinced. Being the heartless female Cockblocker/Twat-Swatter she was they both left.

Later I was out on the porch with a friend when a small blond and her big friend moved next to us. My radar signaled subtle interest. I turned my friend and I in their direction, with my drunk friend yelling the song and cute blond’s friend doing the same it was an easy open. “You two should do a duet.” Fat Friend opened, left talking to my friend leaving me the cute blond. The long gaze of her Eastern European eyes were unmistakable. She leaned into my ear whispering, “I know you like me. And I think your cute. But you make me worried.”
OBVIOUS Shit-test. “Well then, that’s just something your going to have to deal with.”
A confused look came across her face.
“I said I was married.”
I had a good laugh. My friend and I kept talking to both of the girls. Come to find out she was in her thirties, but she looked 24. She looked very good for having had two kids.
The night ended with no numbers and no makeout sessions but I was full of confidence and knew I had learned a few moves. Now on to the blind date…


The Blind Date

So between my last post and now I was set up on a Blind Date. I got a text from a friend asking if I was down and I figured, whats the worst that could happen? If something absolutely awful did happen it would make for a great story. When I first called her to make meet up plans she didn’t pick up so I left a voicemail and she promptly called me back and we set up pre-drink plans for the event we were going to. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a blind date but I haven’t. So I figured I would enjoy this to the fullest and go in as blind about this girl as possible.

The night had come. I made it to the Hotel where our even was being held. I was about to sit down at the bar and text her when young lady approached me asking my name. “How did she know what I look like?” I asked myself. Well she was nice enough and I enjoyed our pre-drink. I found out my friend had shown her my Facebook profile. This was great because she already knew something about me, agreed go on a blind date just from my looks, and had to validate herself because I had no idea what she looked like. I was also able to find out she had told at least five other people so she must have figured me good-looking. This is great!

We had a great time together. During the event we played little games betting on who would win. By intermission I knew I had her. At the bar she abandoned her pretentious glass of wine from when we first met and joined me for a Jack & Coke. Interest spike: when she switches from wine to what you’re having it’s a good sign. By the second part of the event she body language had shifted with her almost nestled in my shoulder. And I ended up winning our little game of betting. I told her she could surprise me with a prize later.

Afterward the event we shared another round of Jack & Coke at the bar and then we walked back to our vehicles. I love and hate the awkward silence before a girl leaves when you know exactly what she wants but you’re crippled by fear of rejection. So I pulled out the safest and most field proven line for this, “Would you like to kiss me?” No risk here, I was playing this one safe.

She was nervous for a second and then said “yes”. I made sure to be the one who pulled away, leaving her wanting more. I was feeling bold so I said “Wanna fuck?” “Umm sure.” she said. But on the ride back I was able to think clearly and I realized I hadn’t laid enough physical familiarity and if I wanted to see her again I had better not for a one night stand. So when we reached her house I pulled up next to her and told her I didn’t want this but instead another date. It was a good thing I did too because I could tell by her body language that she was having doubts.

Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.


The next day over coffee my friend who set up the blind date was able to give me some insider information. I guess this girl had been probing him asking if I take out a lot of girls out because of how confident and easy to talk to I was. She must have liked my classic kiss question because she said that’s what sold her on me. She had never heard that one before and she really liked it. She went as far to say “[Breaking Beta] should teach all guys that line.” You can imagine the laugh my friend and I shared knowing I lifted that line from classic game material.

So Now Breaking Beta steps into territory he’s never been in before… The Second Date… To Be Continued

I was feeling grouchy and upset about a situation with a girl which wasn’t going how I’d hoped. I’ve invested a significant amount of time on her and I’m ready for my pay off. So for the first time in over a month I had a BBM(blackberry messenger) status.

It was, super beta but I felt like my long commitment to Alphadom deserved a break. I deserved my turn to complain and moan about my sad situation.

But no beta deed goes unpunished. Within seconds, and I mean seconds I got a message from a girl I had once tried making something with. She’s a classic attention whore who won’t let you get away with anything Beta. Bring out your arsenal of negs because you’re gonna have to unload the whole clip.

All she said was: “That is the gayest status ever.” Ok, so she was right. But I was feeling pretty shitty and I was just starting my turn on the Beta-merry-go-round. I hadn’t even had time to enjoy it! So in classic beta fashion I erased my status and used it as a good excuse to delete her.

Looking back, both acts were something an Alpha would never even think of. The beta status was a revisit to my hyperactive status updating days. Deleting her was me being a bitch cause I couldn’t take the heat.

Being Alpha isn’t something I can put on in the morning and take off at night. It Must become you. It’s not a change in who you are, just drastic change in presentation. So like I said in the title, not beta act goes unpunished. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Recently I was introduced to a South American girl through a friend of mine. They later told me she basically just looking for a fuck buddy. Could it have been a perfect situation? Her own place, just wants to fuck, and South American. I was determined to win. My friend also commented that I had to quit being such a nice guy from when we met. My mind translated that to “Be an asshole”. Naturally because I wanted to win and I felt I was already behind.

Now there are two kinds failure. Big and small. Small failure is when two people just aren’t making chemistry. Big failure is almost being kicked out of a party at your friend’s house for being such a dick. Can you guess which I was?

If you guessed big fail you would be correct! The same friend invited me over to a game night he was having. I was given only short notice so I just through a pair of jeans and walked out. I was hoping this was a bunch of guys sitting around drinking beer, telling dirty jokes and having a good time. Nope, I was wrong. It was only after I arrived that I realized I was wearing whats been called my “old man sweater”. Even better was I couldn’t take it off because I was only wearing a V-neck undershirt. Self-confidence -5 points. Lone behold this South American girl was there too! I made conversation and really didn’t interact with her hoping to play “too cool for you” and when I did talk to her it was straight trash talk with a nuclear neg. If I had just left it there I could have probably done alright. But you see when I’m in asshole mode and start drinking I can’t switch. Whatever mood I’m in when I drink, whether it be quiet, loud, asshole, or fun mode that’s how I’ll stay for the rest of the night.

When I finally made it to her table to play I had already been a winner at mine so self-confidence +10 points. Asshole mode+winning streak confidence= amplification. So it only got worst. I would like to blame this on my naturally competitive nature but I don’t cop-out from mistakes.

At one point my friend even tried giving me a silent hand signal of “turn it down”. Too late, those 4 beers had me well set. I wasn’t drunk but booze just solidifies my mood. After winning the game night I believed myself to be king of all things. So when we decided to go to the club I went with enough dick headed confidence to last me a year. After her blurted out back at the house something to the effect of she was horny I believed I had her in the bag just like I had the game night. Eventually outside the club she cornered me, “Are we just gonna be friends or are you gonna try fucking me?” And she didn’t say it in a nice way. Like a deer in headlights I wasn’t ready for her to be so blunt. The best I could muster was “Wel lets wait and see.” This was not an acceptable answer for her. Realizing how badly I had botched the situation. I told her had to go to the bank for money. She came a long beating me with her verbal stick of how much of an asshole I was. Do I get a prize when she says it 20+ times?

Seeing the desperation of the situation and realizing I’m going to be seeing her a lot more often. I had to try saving at least a functional level of acquaintance. I did my best at 2:30am to build comfort. But the worst part is that I was so focused on creating the comfort and displaying vulnerability I didn’t capitalize on some of her comments. When she started talking about sex and fucking she even said “It’s a shame you aren’t leave.” As if I would make a good one night stand never to be seen again. The vaginal howler monkeys must have been desperate… or at least drunk.

When I saw my friend the next day and when it was just the two of us his first question was “So what did you learn from [south american girl].” We both agreed how bad I went over board. “If you weren’t my friend and I didn’t know what you were up to I would have probably kicked you out. I’ve done it before.” The shiver of shame. In attempts to rectify the situation I just fired her a short fb message apologizing for my behavior. apologizing isn’t beta when you really have been a dick.

I check my RSS feeds today and VK made a post that was spot on to what I needed to read. Goddamn you VK for not writing it a week earlier!

He’s really a nice guy but every time he goes out he makes it a point to be a dick head. He’s really smart but he goes out and tries to be funny all the time. He’s a natural introvert and every time he goes out he tries to be the center of attention all the time.

the highest level you don’t need to fit into a type, all you need to do is give off an interesting vibe and the girl will give you the chance needed to game her. That’s all a type is, just a foot in the door to game, the rest is up to you. Just be yourself

I’ve done everything I can to repair one situation, now time to take everything back to the drawing board. Review fundamental game methods consider new tactics. I may be tired of all this time in the drawing-room, reconsideration of methods and constant failure but I tell myself that if we work hard now push through all of this, one day we’ll start reaping rewards.


First things first, any rookie who writes a game blog I give props to. Posting your failures and triumphs on display to the world and risking your personal identity. I applaud you.

But there are trends I notice with rookies, betas, and beginner blogs compared to Alpha blogs. Now when I say rookie blogs I’m including myself.

We’re obsessed with running perfect game. I read other beginner blogs and  seems like we’re obsessed with quick acceleration and not natural flow. A healthy pace is good but if your moving too fast you’ll soon find yourself shut down. What I mean is that we’ve been taught in game to move things quickly and go for the bang as soon as possible but I’m noticing that a lot of the other rookie bloggers are getting shut down by girls. I believe it’s because we’re not calibrating to the situation. If a girl who’s interested in you shuts you down it’s probably because you didn’t lay enough ground work. You moved so quickly that it felt unnatural.

Another thing about natural flow is it feels more natural and it easier to integrate into your life. If one day you’re a nice guy and two months later you’re a full-blown asshole running hardcore game and going for the kiss close every time things may look s bit odd and unnatural. Make your chances slow and deliberate.

Think about it like a Point system. Positive moves (alpha behavior, DHV spikes and the rest) give you positive points. Beta and negative behavior has your points taken away. When you reach 500 points (or any number you chose) you go for the bang or kiss close. If she turns you down subtract 300 points. It’s a good way of making you constantly calibrate, encouraging natural flow while using your masculine desire to win at competition.

Another thing I notice in a lot of beginner blogs is often a one girl is the focus. We blog about single girl we’ve had interactions with. It’s like we don’t know how to spread ourselves between multiple woman. We put all our eggs into one basket. We may be able to get 5 girls interested but instead of investing equally in all 5, we’ll just go for the one we like best. The problem with this is if things don’t work out your back to square one and you never utilize the competition.

I’m pretty sure Roissy, VK, Tucker Max and Assanova are spread pretty thin with woman. You should be too!

The last problem I notice with my writing and other beginner blogs is something very fundamental. And that is beta writing style. Approval seeking writing, like we’re writing for a grade. Instead of just writing and saying “Fuck it. I don’t care what people think.” We embellish what really happened to please the readers. But I’m realizing my readers don’t want a beta boy coming to them with my latest field report asking for a grade, no. My readers want a man who isn’t afraid of failure and isn’t afraid to say whats on his mind.