My Phases of Game

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Game, Musings, Personal Experience

Since reading “The Game” I’ve been in Game/Pick-up for about a year now.  I don’t really count the first 4 months when I had heard of Game but never really got into it. I was fascinated to see my personal evolution and how learning Game has changed a lot of my life.

When I found Game I had zero luck with woman (still don’t have a lot). For the first 4 or so months I was absolutely obsessed Pick-Up. I laugh looking back, idolizing a guy wearing leather pants and a fuzzy hat. I can imagine how annoying I was talking game and I used too much PUA lingo. I think for most guys who first discover Pick-Up and truly apply it they notice a quick improvement. For a brand-new rookie you feel like you could be the next Casanova… you have no idea how far you have to go.

After about 1 month into Pick up I was exposed to Roissy, Roosh, and VK. I would consider their game a lot more practical and useful. Real guys, running real game on real girls. This is also the time when I finally learned to relent on all the Pick up talk (this is when your friends say, “Thank Fucking God”). But words like DHV and AMOG still pop up more then they should. This is the when you get your first glimpse that learning all of this stuff isn’t about just chicks… But you still don’t understand.

The Venturing phase is when after reading Roissy, Roosh and VK for awhile you begin to realize nobody is perfect at this. And then you begin to tinker around with Pick-Up and how you can bend it’s jedi like force to fit your style. You quit using PU lingo but you still think about game a lot. The Realization for lifestyle change is what happens when you realize there is more to life then just game. Sure you think* you have solid game but you don’t use it that often.  This is when you realize how much better your life could be. “Ok, so what if you get the dream girl, then what?” You still have a boring fucking life.

Self integration and Lifestyle building what comes next. It’s when you resolve to try a bunch of new things. Salsa, working out, martial arts, sports. Anything that catches your eye you’ll try. All of the sudden you begin a phase of bulding the best possible you in the short term things. Is is where I am now.

Is the next phase true Alpha-ness and Major Future planning? I hope so. But for now this young padiwan has far to go.

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