Fate, Mistakes and a Successful 2am Cold Approach

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Alpha, Game, Learn From, Personal Experience

Swaggerific I’m just so swaggerific

I hadn’t brought out all the guns in a while but tonight I was going hard… Not going home. I was swagged out; dressed to kill. A friend of mine was going to introduce to a Playboy Bunny down visiting. If I wanted to try crossing something off my bucket list I would need to be on my A game. I also had one of my best wingmen with me.

That little extra bit of effort made a big difference. I was getting pulled over by random girls for pictures and saying they know me when they really didn’t. Half way through the night I realized something that may have been stunting my pickup game for a while now. I haven’t been focusing on some sort of closing. I realize I probably don’t show enough interest and I don’t number close. Talk about rookie mistake. The worst part is I even opened two different girls. One at the bar and one with the help of a female wing. What was I thinking?!

My friend and i were headed back to the car around 1:30 when he made eye contact with two hood rat looking chicks. He was debating whether he wanted to go back and talk to them. I  knew exactly the kind of reassurance he needed. We went back, he chatted them up and they came with us in the car. Game on.
I remember going to high school with one of them so I was able to keep her busy while my mate ran his game. We went and got some fast food and then went down to the beach to eat it. I don’t understand how girls can be hungry at the burger joint but not hungry when we get to the beach 3 minutes around the corner!

My girl was buried in her phone. Like full crackberry addict. If it would have fit up her nose I think she would have sniffed it. My usual game isn’t well calibrated for the hood rats so hold conversation was strained at best. I took her for a walk around the beach showing her some stuff giving my mate time to work his girl. I had paid for this girl’s 2am kids meal, I was gonna do what ever I could to get some action. I tried twice and she wouldn’t have it. Well if she’s not gonna make out with me I’m gonna eat her cheese burger. Models don’t need cheese burgers anyway… Nom nom nom. Shitty 3am food.

My friend wasn’t making any progress either with his girl so we dropped their asses off. After they got out he turns to me and said “Dude the reason you weren’t getting in was cause your girl was on her period.” UGHHHHHH!

No success but considering these two girls were cold approaches at 2am I think we did pretty good. Too bad the Playboy Bunny never showed up.

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