Welcome Back to the Heat

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Alpha, Game

I’m back in the game. I did what I had to and ended my cold streak. I didn’t want to post anything till I got laid.


A friend told me I seem more chilled and relaxed today. Awesome. I don’t need to go into the details but I was out with some friends enjoying the night and I knew this “old friend” was back in town so got talking. Her friend kept asking if I was still cool with her since last time we hooked up (several months ago) and I said I’m cool and I have no problem with her.

I’d been out with my friend and she wasn’t far away so I bid my friend farewell and went to check on this lady friend. I showed up, drank free drinks and chilled. I wasn’t on the drunk level half the club was on so I just did my thing. Fuck it.
We left the club and I did the deed. Mission Accomplished.


Now time to build some heat.


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