We’re Moving

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Site Related

Breaking Beta is moving to its new home at BreakingBeta.com!

After readings Delusion Damage’s guide on how to start a website in 10 minute I realized owning my own site would be really easy. It took me more than  ten minutes but no longer than an hour and it was completely worth it! I now own my own free state on the internet.

I’m going to be leaving up this site but all new posts will be on the .com. I’m going to be posting several posts about the wildest weekend of the year so you’re gonna want to update that RSS or email subscription.


White Boy Special

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Alpha, Game, Personal Experience
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have you ever found yourself in a place so different from any place you’ve experience before? This is one of those places.

“Dude it will be unlike anything youve experienced before!” he said. My friend was trying to convince me to join him at a dance party taking place out at a secluded beach bar club out by the airport. And we all know nothing lives out by barren waste land airports.

“Alright I’ll go.” I gave in. “Trust me dude you’re gonna love it.” He reassured me.

We arrived around 12:30 and the place was still wasn’t popping; i was having doubts. The place was made up of crusty old men, ugly woman and guys who look like they would take your wallet as soon as they see it. After a few drinks the place started to get interesting. The DJ wasnt the best but the girls were getting warmed up. It was around this time that i said “fuck it. I’m gonna have a good time.” Finally a good DJ came on and all hell broke loose.

I dont know how much North Americans know about Whining, grinding and daggering but there was some serious dancing going on up in this place. The music is so loud everything vibrates, including your clothes. your ears hum from the constant assault of deafing music. Now I know why it’s out by the airport.

By 1am I was loving this place. Most guys just sat around looking rough and maybe slightly bobbing their heads. Not us, we were getting in with the girls. In a place like this you don’t even have to talk to the girls. All you do is go up behind them for a second, grab their waist and put them against you. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Girls were crazy to say the least. It was a remind white girls can’t move their ass for shit and black girls work it like they’re waxing the hood of a car. My friend and I had these two girls on us when he yells in my ear,  “Dude!!! Your the only white guy in this whole place! Your the fucking guy!” For the rest of the night I tried finding another white guy just to say I wasn’t the only one… But I was. I stood out like a confident swore white thumb. I’ve been in the minority plenty of times but not when its 300 people and you. I’m not complaining, I had a blast!

Number closing in a place where you cant even hear yourself think is impossible. But holy hell it was good time and a hell of an experience.

My Phases of Game

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Game, Musings, Personal Experience

Since reading “The Game” I’ve been in Game/Pick-up for about a year now.  I don’t really count the first 4 months when I had heard of Game but never really got into it. I was fascinated to see my personal evolution and how learning Game has changed a lot of my life.

When I found Game I had zero luck with woman (still don’t have a lot). For the first 4 or so months I was absolutely obsessed Pick-Up. I laugh looking back, idolizing a guy wearing leather pants and a fuzzy hat. I can imagine how annoying I was talking game and I used too much PUA lingo. I think for most guys who first discover Pick-Up and truly apply it they notice a quick improvement. For a brand-new rookie you feel like you could be the next Casanova… you have no idea how far you have to go.

After about 1 month into Pick up I was exposed to Roissy, Roosh, and VK. I would consider their game a lot more practical and useful. Real guys, running real game on real girls. This is also the time when I finally learned to relent on all the Pick up talk (this is when your friends say, “Thank Fucking God”). But words like DHV and AMOG still pop up more then they should. This is the when you get your first glimpse that learning all of this stuff isn’t about just chicks… But you still don’t understand.

The Venturing phase is when after reading Roissy, Roosh and VK for awhile you begin to realize nobody is perfect at this. And then you begin to tinker around with Pick-Up and how you can bend it’s jedi like force to fit your style. You quit using PU lingo but you still think about game a lot. The Realization for lifestyle change is what happens when you realize there is more to life then just game. Sure you think* you have solid game but you don’t use it that often.  This is when you realize how much better your life could be. “Ok, so what if you get the dream girl, then what?” You still have a boring fucking life.

Self integration and Lifestyle building what comes next. It’s when you resolve to try a bunch of new things. Salsa, working out, martial arts, sports. Anything that catches your eye you’ll try. All of the sudden you begin a phase of bulding the best possible you in the short term things. Is is where I am now.

Is the next phase true Alpha-ness and Major Future planning? I hope so. But for now this young padiwan has far to go.

Swaggerific I’m just so swaggerific

I hadn’t brought out all the guns in a while but tonight I was going hard… Not going home. I was swagged out; dressed to kill. A friend of mine was going to introduce to a Playboy Bunny down visiting. If I wanted to try crossing something off my bucket list I would need to be on my A game. I also had one of my best wingmen with me.

That little extra bit of effort made a big difference. I was getting pulled over by random girls for pictures and saying they know me when they really didn’t. Half way through the night I realized something that may have been stunting my pickup game for a while now. I haven’t been focusing on some sort of closing. I realize I probably don’t show enough interest and I don’t number close. Talk about rookie mistake. The worst part is I even opened two different girls. One at the bar and one with the help of a female wing. What was I thinking?!

My friend and i were headed back to the car around 1:30 when he made eye contact with two hood rat looking chicks. He was debating whether he wanted to go back and talk to them. I  knew exactly the kind of reassurance he needed. We went back, he chatted them up and they came with us in the car. Game on.
I remember going to high school with one of them so I was able to keep her busy while my mate ran his game. We went and got some fast food and then went down to the beach to eat it. I don’t understand how girls can be hungry at the burger joint but not hungry when we get to the beach 3 minutes around the corner!

My girl was buried in her phone. Like full crackberry addict. If it would have fit up her nose I think she would have sniffed it. My usual game isn’t well calibrated for the hood rats so hold conversation was strained at best. I took her for a walk around the beach showing her some stuff giving my mate time to work his girl. I had paid for this girl’s 2am kids meal, I was gonna do what ever I could to get some action. I tried twice and she wouldn’t have it. Well if she’s not gonna make out with me I’m gonna eat her cheese burger. Models don’t need cheese burgers anyway… Nom nom nom. Shitty 3am food.

My friend wasn’t making any progress either with his girl so we dropped their asses off. After they got out he turns to me and said “Dude the reason you weren’t getting in was cause your girl was on her period.” UGHHHHHH!

No success but considering these two girls were cold approaches at 2am I think we did pretty good. Too bad the Playboy Bunny never showed up.

If anyone ever told you it would be easy, they lied…

A few weeks ago I to signed up for a volleyball tournament. I thought, “what the hell right. It’s just for fun.” so I signed up as an individual and would be set on a team with other individuals.

I should have known it was gonna be a rough day when Lady Gaga is playing at 9am. One of the risks signing up as an individual is when your put on a team with people who practice with the national team and people in the most competitive league(I’m in the least competitive).

To put it simply, I sucked. When I wasn’t serving the ball way into the next court I was usually missing my shots. My team won only one game through the tournament.

On my Volleyball team I play with on a regular I’m the worst guy player. The first week I wasn’t too bad, now a bunch of new guys joined and I’m back to the bottom.

If you took me from pre-Christmas I would have probably left that tournament and my team feeling super shitty and probably never played again. “Fuck this stupid game. I suck and was probably the worst player out there. Peace out!”

Not now. After starting Salsa dancing I learned something very important. “it’s gonna suck a long time. You have to push through the sucky part to get to the good part. “Most people quit right when things get hard and right before things get good.”
That’s what I was told before I started. And by the time I reached the end of my second set of classes I was the only student left in the class. Now I’m in a new class and I’m back to being the worst student in the place.

“90% of being good at anything is just showing up.” some are gifted but some nothing is special about them they’ve just worked harder then everyone else and stuck with it when everyone else didn’t.

What most people don’t realize is how important the mental shift is. I’m not really bothered by most people, or how they have big plans. I know 95% of people are too lazy or aren’t committed enough to follow through. Most are gonna quit and drop out.

I have friends who have great ideas that could be quite powerful and make them really happy in life. But unless they make big chances they’ll never go anywhere with those ideas. what a loss.

This change in thought also changes Game. Win, lose or fail what counts is you showed up and tried. Don’t make doing or trying something contingent on the outcome. If you want to do something just do it. It doesn’t matter what happens after that because you tried.

I may suck at getting chicks. I’ve have been stood up and flaked on by the last 15 girls I’ve asked out. But I can’t quit now. Roosh says it takes about 4 years of sucking at something and about 8 to 10 years before your good at something. I’m at the bottom of my sports team, my salsa class, and still the smallest guy at the gym. Think I’m gonna quit?… FUCK NO! I’m in it till it’s over.

Alpha Ethos: “The Beta male is governed by his circumstances and outcome. Win,lose, fail or succeed the Alpha Male doesn’t let outcome change who he or what he wants.”

A Surprise Appearance

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I was on my way to the first night of a class I signed up for and I come up the steps and who should be there… One of my past fucks.
Inside my head I’m saying, “Oh fuck. This is gonna be so goddamn awkward. Ughhhh.”
It was one of those moments when I realized why you never intentionally dick-over a girl you’ve fucked. Because if you live in a small country, you are going to see her again.

I was completely off my zen. I knew she took classes but it never clicked she would be in mine. And who was I pared with for the night? You guessed it, her. I hadn’t seen her since an awkward parting.

“Cause I just seem my ex girl standing with my next girl standing with the one that I’m fucking right now” – Drake

Now a few weeks later everything is cool. I keep my frame loose and aloof and she’s usually entertained by the beta dude in the class. Hell the guy number closed her.

The best part was when the teacher asked if we were a couple. After one class I tried asking her to join me for a drink which didn’t work out. But I have it on good information if I keep at it she’ll “open up” again. I’m not spitting good game on a regular so I feel I should get off my fat lazy ass and put a little work in.

Haha I feel bad for the class beta. The aloof indifferent guy is about to swoop in and remind him why nice guys finish last.

In the last class I was paired with this one girl who I knew I should be spitting game to. I didn’t really but I mixed things up a bit so we were closer and more touching was involved in what we were doing. Her eyes said yes… But my mind said no. Sigh* gonna have to make up for it next time with a number close.

Gaming two girls in the same class…Post class drinks at the bar?… I think so. I’m gonna have to play this like a Jedi.